Helping every step of the way

I sent an inquiry and Mike contacted me who I dealt with for the first couple of weeks. There was no pressure on his end and he was extremely professional. My designer Franz was great. So far the experience with idea design has been great and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to bring an idea to life.

Tyler Pavkovich

Idea Design Studio

Idea Design Studio is an honest company. When I first started with my idea I had no idea where to go or who to talk to. I Googled Idea Design Studio and they helped me all the way through the development of my idea. They say what they mean, they mean what they say and they are very professional. I would recommend Idea Design to anyone and I would use them again. Thanks again, Idea Design Studio!

Dawn Marie Nowak

I love this company they are very helpful and they also give you more direction as far as the patent process and they also have an amazing team there my advice is to make this your very first option

The experience I had with this company was amazing there honest, kind, and generous when it comes to your idea and they’re team is very creative when it comes to designing your idea and satisfying your needs and services altogether if I were you I would make this company the first and only option when it comes to ideas and patents, they will expand your name, brand, and product i will guarantee you

Darryl Campbell

Fantastic experience through and through

When I contacted IDS (found through an ad) I did not know how to begin and or even if my idea would be successful. From the first discussion through to the various stages, I have found the team to be helpful, collaborative, patient and supportive. They have given me confidence to move forward through every stage. If you are an inventor or have something you think could help society in any way – contact IDS today! You will not regret it!

Amina Mohamed

I believe in my project and I believe in Invention idea.

It was fateful day when we met. I was thinking about my idea for a couple of days when Invention sent me an email. Do you have an idea? I read testomonials, consumer reviews and decided I’m all in and let’s go for it. I’m not stopping for anything. Thanks

Keith Mccown

I’ve never done this before and without idea design I could not have done it.

Stepping into the field that I didn’t know about working on an idea that I didn’t even know was possible to truly create. This company, Idea Design Studios has made this possible for me.
The people I worked with are always considerate. They listen to what my ideas were to help me feel comfortable with working with them. They work in a timely manner and their work is awesome. They are real people truly professional, and caring about what they create.
I am more than happy with the work that they have done to make my project complete and amazing. Anyone that’s looking for honesty and the best results for your ideas will truly prophet from Idea Design Studio. Much thanks guys. It’s been truly my pleasure working with you thank you. ( idea 4489).

Eleanor Peck

Excellent customer service!

I came to IDS with a idea and let me tell you what a great staff! Andy and Rigo have been awesome from the start by putting my idea into reality! Thank you both and IDS for the guidenace.

Sal Rodriguez

Sal Rodriguez

Idea Design Studio was extremely helpful, they worked with me on my time and the whole process real easy.

I was really unsure about my idea and even though I’ve gone through the whole process with Idea Design Studio I’m still not sure if my idea will take off. But IDS where really helpful and honest about the whole process of putting my idea out there. Even when all was said and done they are so wonderful that they still answer any questions I may have and provide me with any additional help I may need to further my possible success with my project.

Araceli Madrigal

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