Have you ever wondered where a famous inventor was at, the moment they thought up their invention?
What were the Wright Brother’s doing when they first imagined that man could soar through the air? What did Leonardo da Vinci see that sparked his sudden urge to paint the Mona Lisa? What triggered a light bulb to flicker inside of Thomas Edison’s head?

Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventor, Mary Anna Mcquillian, can pin point the instant she got her idea. She pulled her inspiration from the great outdoors.

She says,

“I came up with my idea as I was walking home from work one day, looking at Mother Nature’s work from a bridge and I thought to myself wouldn’t it be nice if this was incorporated into some kind of building or restaurant for people to enjoy all year long?”

She has been working with Idea Design Studio, ever since.

She continues, “I love my idea and think it will be enjoyed by all!”

Mcquillian describes herself as a very simple country girl. She is a dishwasher/maintenance/carving station attendant, who hopes to add inventor to the list.

Idea Design Studio

According to Idea Design Studio, the members of the company’s innovative team have won various awards in their fields. These people are specialists in taking an inventor’s small idea and helping them turn it into a very real invention. Better yet, all of the designs generated by the Idea Design Studio team become the sole property of the inventor. The firm does not take one cent of royalties from the inventor.

Idea Design Studio is a design firm that specializes in new product development. Jeff Weissand and Marvin Powell lll, the company’s managing directors, have worked in various areas of new product development since 2001. Jeff helped start three successful industry-related businesses since 2000, while Marvin got into the industry in 2002. Since 2006, Idea Design Studio has helped inventors manage such issues as product design, product developing, patenting, marketing, licensing, and manufacturing. Discussions with Idea Design Studio are 100 percent confidential.

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