Idea Design Studio works with lots of inventors and different kinds of personalities, and they’ve realized that successful inventors all have similar traits. Determination, of course, is one of the most critical. Here are few more traits that the team at Idea Design Studio has seen in the successful inventors they work with.

  • They aren’t stuck on their ideas. Your ideas are your own, but at some point, if they are not going to work, it’s time to let them go.
  • They test their ideas. Successful inventors know early on that their idea will make money, or they move on.
  • They keep their ideas quiet. Opinions matter, but only yours and the company you are pitching to really matter.
  • They protect their ideas. Intellectual property is important, and successful inventors know how patents work.
  • They file patents when appropriate. Provisional patents start the process, and then patents will follow in time.
  • They stick to one industry. Focus on one industry and become an expert.
  • They network. Attending trade shows and seminars are a great way to become involved in the industry.
  • They outsource. Hiring a professional team, is key to make your invention a success.
  • They rely on themselves. You may find a great team to support you, like the team at Idea Design Studio, but ultimately, you are on your own to make your invention successful.
  • They are persistent. Rejection is part of the game, successful inventors keep trying.
  • They keep emotions out of it. Passion is important, but this isn’t personal, don’t treat it as such.
  • They aren’t afraid to fail. Sometimes, the idea just isn’t going to work. Know when to let go.

Do you have what it takes? Bring your latest idea to the team at Idea Design Studio and get started today!
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