Idea Design Studio knows each inventor has strengths and weaknesses, as well as goals. Some simply want to keep creating, while others may be a one-time inventor and want to experience the entire process. For those who want to sell their idea, there are some key things to consider.

The experts at Idea Design Studio know there is a difference between inventing and selling an invention. They also know the steps involved in selling and can advise inventors on the process as part of the services offered.
Like any process, there are tricks and tips to the game. The first and foremost being taking steps to protect the idea. If there is nothing found during a patent search, a provisional patent is recommended, which puts a “patent pending” status on the idea for one year. After that, designing a prototype and patent drawings should be the next step.

The quality of these drawings will absolutely affect the selling potential. The final step is to check the market potential for the product to make sure it is profitable. The Idea Design Studio team will help compare production and sale costs as well as make sure the product is in demand.

Licensing is a great option for inventors who do not have a lot of independent capital. After a good amount of research, which the Idea Design Studio team can help with, a strong presentation tailored to target audiences is key. The pitch should include a strong presentation, including a 2-D or 3-D prototype or animation to help sell the idea. Selling the idea will give the inventor time to develop another idea!
The team at Idea Design Studio will take their cue from the inventor on the path the idea will take. They are ready and willing to work hard to sell an idea, or enable the inventor to develop it themselves.

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