Idea Design Studio wants each and every inventor to be successful, and this means learning from past mistakes. There is so much information in the world, especially on the internet and It is very important to consider the source and do a little extra research.

The team at Idea Design Studio is ready to help with this process and answer any questions you may have. In the spirit of learning from the past, here are four mistakes that inventors make with their inventions, so you can avoid making them, too.

  1. Selling – Inventors in the US have 12 months from the time the invention was first sold to file a patent application. After that, the inventor forfeits the rights. Selling should not occur until the application has been filed, at the earliest.
  2. Publicity – Just like when selling, if you use your invention publicly, the clock starts on the 12 month period. If you want to retain foreign rights to your invention, you must apply before using it in public as there is no grace period there.
  3. Bad Application – A provisional patent application is really easy and there are very few requirements. Because of this, there are many people who offer a fee-for-service to file these for you. The problem is that if they do not do it correctly, you may lose the opportunity to continue the patent process.
  4. No search – There are over 9 million patents, making it almost impossible to thoroughly search for a similar invention. Doing a throughout search is key to ensure uniqueness. Searches should include the Patent Office and the internet in hopes of covering all bases.

Using this information, Idea Design Studio can help you complete all the steps required to get your invention off the ground. This team is trustworthy and efficient, and is ready to help you with your next great idea.

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