Throughout the invention and pitching process, marketing becomes a large part. Whether looking to license or manufacture, the marketing presentation is crucial. In today’s business world, marketing is almost predominantly done via digital means. Through social media marketing, content management, and web design, products are gaining traction and attention. Here are some suggestions from Idea Design Studio on surviving and thriving in the digital marketing world.

1.       Continue Learning – Just like in the world of invention and innovation, digital marketing is always changing. There are so many ways to keep learning from the marketing experts. Look to those in the industry who are having success, figure out what techniques they are using, and incorporate them into your strategy. Ask questions of the experts, both in marketing and selling their ideas, and of the marketing people they hire. Networking with others is a fantastic way to continue learning.

2.       Start Broad, Then Narrow – Begin the marketing process with a broad view. Look at all the options and don’t rule anything out. As you settle into a marketing strategy, you’ll find some techniques are consistently successful and some that are even enjoyable to employ. You’ll find that social media marketing is more successful with certain fields and then you can narrow your focus there.

3.       Measure & Learn – When experimenting with new techniques or programs, be prepared for advances and regressions. Not even marketing experts of 30 years can guarantee a specific method will be successful. Take the time to test new tactics, messaging strategies, or marketing mixes that have been successful with other inventors in your field.Idea Design Studio notes that each time you try something new, measure it against a previously successful technique and determine what would work best in the future.

4.       Be Confident & Passionate – While the quest for knowledge should never be over, after gaining experience in the world of inventing and digital marketing, it’s important to be confident in that experience. Continue collaborating with others, seeking new techniques, and remain current with the industry trends. Visibly caring about your trade and showing pride in your work are very attractive qualities in an employee. Passion and confidence can make your product and presentation more appealing.

Idea Design Studio is ready to help in all areas of idea development. From developing your idea to marketing it, the services available are top-notch and professional.

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