Idea Design Studio offers inventors their proprietary Idea Management System for just that reason.

While many inventors may spend their waking hours coming up with ideas that will change the world, they may not consider how they are going to tell the world about those inventions.

The experts at Idea Design Studio say that one of the most difficult steps in getting an invention in the hands of consumers is marketing the idea to investors. Even after the design work has been completed and approved, it still must be formatted into a professional marketable platform. The professionals at Idea Design Studio can help inventors with that and take it one step further when the inventor activates their proprietary Idea Management System.

A comprehensive display of everything the inventor and Idea Design Studio have worked on together, the system was created to help ensure great ideas get marketed to potential licensees, investors and manufactures. According to Idea Design Studio, their proprietary Idea Management System includes features such as 3D photorealistic designs, original logo and branding, technical writings, patenting options, and access to industry-specific companies to which an inventor should market their invention. The portfolio is designed to make the transition to the marketplace easier.

“IDS has given me the tools needed to advance my idea to the next level,” said Fredericka J. in a recent testimonial. “I appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in.”

The proprietary Idea Management System is located on an encrypted Web page. Besides the portfolio, the Web page also includes unique and accommodating marketing tools that enable inventors to remain proactive when marketing their inventions. According to Idea Design Studio, inventors can also create an encrypted hyperlink that will bring visitors directly into the Web page so they can review the project. If the visitor is interested in the invention or wants more information, they can use the contact form on the Web page. The goal of this proprietary system, says Idea Design Studio, is to provide everything inventors need to be successful.

Idea Design Studio is a design firm that specializes in new product development. Jeff Weissand Marvin Powell lll, the company’s managing directors, have worked in various areas of new product development since 2001. Jeff helped launch three successful industry-related companies since 2000, while Marvin got into the industry in 2002. Since 2006, Idea Design Studio has helped inventors handle such issues as product design, product development, patenting, marketing, licensing, and manufacturing. Communications with Idea Design Studio are 100 percent confidential. To learn more, call Idea Design Studio toll-free at 888-864-1780 or visit them online at

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