Idea Design Studio says that many inventors call us up and ask this- “how can I sell my invention without a patent?”. You see, while patents are ultimately necessary for an invention product, in the long run, the wait for one could take months of even years! Many inventors don’t have that kind of time and want to know if there are any ways around the patent rule. We thought a helpful article idea would be to answer the question “How To Sell My Invention Without A Patent?”. Below are some different ways to respond that question.

1. You may want to get a provisional patent in the meantime- If you’re deadest on selling your invention idea now and cannot wait any longer for a patent, your best option would be to get a provisional patent. While a provisional patent isn’t a real patent, it does provide an inventor a year’s worth of protection from those who may be trying to infringe on his invention. To get a provisional patent, one has to pay the fee and fill out the form. The status on the form will say patent pending, but the good news is, the inventor can present this document to potential investors and buyers.

2. Submit your invention idea online- Online invention submissions have become more common in the last few years, and they are also another realistic option for those who have no patents to work with. Some websites show consumer’s needs, and the catch is, anyone can contribute ideas to meet that customer’s need. If the customer likes the invention idea that you’ve come up with, he can pay a fee to make it his. This option is an excellent way to make some money, especially that the fee is a one-time thing only.

3. Why not submit to an invention submission company?- First of all, allow us to remind you that there are many kinds of invention submission companies. There are some companies, like ours, who can help develop invention ideas, while there are others who offer other services, such as those that help look for people who may be interested in purchasing the invention idea off the inventor. You may want to try your luck and approach the second kind of invention company, especially if you cannot be bothered with applying for the patent yourself.

So actually, if you use your creativity, and do your fair share of research, you may find a way to successfully sell your invention, even without a patent at hand. Our advice is, though, despite these little loopholes, it would still be more beneficial on your part to get a patent in the long run. A provisional patent can only protect you for so long, and while these other methods are acceptable, you may end up getting less for your idea.
Also, you may want to know that there are ways to speed up getting a real patent. Your application for a patent will be approved faster if you submit all the correct and necessary requirements. Why not set up a meeting with Idea Design Studio to hear about what we can do to help you complete your patent requirements? The first meeting with us is always confidential and free, so you don’t have to worry. Perhaps this is the way for you to get that desired patent with as less hassle as possible!

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